About the Society

The aims of the Society

The aim of the Society is the motto "promoting musical creativity using electronic organs". To achieve this aim, we seek to encourage people to find out the full potential of their electronic organs as musical instruments, and to discover or train their musical creativity.

Our activities are designed to be interactive, we have concerts but as far as possible, we will design the programme such that performers and audience can interact, something like a "question and answer". This is good experience for "up and coming" (student) performers as well as experienced performers.

We are always on the "lookout" for what help and support people need in their use of electronic organs, perhaps this is a technical query, a "playing" query, a query about a CD or a performer, tracing latest news about the organs, or something wierd and wonderful hopefully organ-related, or just music-related! smiley  We won't promise we can find the answers for you, but you may be surprised, and you may surprise others by the information or skill you already have! So, helping electronic organ players and fans is the heart of our "business".