Concert and Workshop 2005

The Open Concert and Workshop took place on 10th September 2005. Despite the fact that we hoped for more people to come, those who were present were very glad to have seen, and for some people - played, the stagea. Chris Stanbury provided us with an hour-long workshop talking about all aspects of the Stagea especially from his years of performing and teaching experience on the electone. Finding a venue for a music event tends to be a challenging job. We were faced with unexpected car parking problem in the morning which caused some delay to the start of the programme. But thanks to everyone who showed patience! We used a room which already has a grand piano and an upright piano. With Chris' Stagea and David's EL900, the room was nicely filled up. Apart from the temporary car parking problem (due to renovation work in the main car park), the location of the room was very good in terms of moving the instruments from the available car park and the use of the lift (to the second floor).
I was glad to have met up with some people whose email addressess I was already familiar with but had not met before until then, and several people who were at the competition earlier this year. As many people have just returned from their summer break, Luke Smith and Yoshiki Kawamoto, who represented the UK in the Electronic Organ Competition 2005, were the two who were ready with their pieces and performed at the Concert. Luke Smith delighted us with four pieces and Yoshiki with three. Chris played numerous pieces too on the Stagea and the EL900.
I would like to thank especially Chris for his generosity in giving the workshop. He covered a wide spectrum of information about the Stagea, added to that was his own insight based on his many years of performing (including registration and arranging) and teaching on the electone. He talked about differences between EL and Stagea, purchasing the Stagea, getting online data, sound control, LCD screen, interoperability with tyros and other keyboard instruments, ELS-01X (upgrade version), instrument care and portability.
We had to finish our programme at 4pm in accordance with building security. Even so, we had about 45 minutes where we chatted and tried out the Stagea and the EL900 (and the grand piano!). Many of us came away convinced of the much better features, user friendliness and portability of the Stagea in comparison to the EL.
David has a complete recording of the Concert, available in two DVD discs. A "preview" disc in VCD format is available for ? each, postage and packaging for one disc in the UK is ? (so total for one VCD is ?). The complete set of two DVDs is in limited supply because this is meant as "collector's items" and also because of the video footage it is not for wide distribution. The DVD shows all the proceedings from the beginning (practice time) through to the end where you will see a few of us dismantling the Stagea. Each DVD set (two discs) costs ?5 (postage in the UK is ? for each set). These items are our primary means to fund raise for the Society. Of course you are very welcome to pay us more, we will be very grateful. This ensure the Society continue to exist to serve the electronic organ community in a more effective way. For details of buying these items, please go to the ES Plaza.
Thank you very much for your support and interest in the Society and let's work on increasing more interest in the electronic organ to more people!