Competition 2007

14 Oct 2007


The Place
Bradgate Road, Bedford
MK40 3DE
United Kingdom



Hall of fame 2007 - see performers in photos and videos




Technical Prize: Sara Selva Román
Artistic Prize: Laura Gómez
Performer of the Year 2007: Nidia Gómez


Technical Prize: Yoshiki Kawamoto
Artistic Prize: Silvia Corona González
Festival Prize: Carmen Domínguez
Performer of the Year 2007: Tingting Pan

Best Entertainer Award for best concert performer: Carmen Domínguez

Congratulations to the winners!

Competition 2007 programme

Masters of Ceremonies: Chris Stanbury (profile) and Matt Richardson (FameGen)

1030am Door opens
1045am-1130am Concert A
  Introducing special guest: Chris Stanbury (profile)
  Yoshiki Kawamoto
"Prelude from Carmen" (Georges Bizet, arr. by Genta Utsumi) ELS-01C (STAGEA model)
"Times Square: 1944 from On the Town" (Leonard Bernstein, arr. by Yoshiki Kawamoto) ELS-01C
  Carmen Domínguez
"Sous Le Ciel De Paris" (Hubert Giraud) EL900
  Luke Smith
"Arrival of the queen of Sheba" ELS-01C
"One note samba" ELS-01C
  Nidia Gómez
"Farandola" (Bizet) ELS-01C
1130am-1145am Break