Competition 2005

23 Apr 2005

Quotes from audience

  • Where did these players appear from, never know they exist!
  • Only now I know they have electones in Spain!
  • No, the film crew are not from Yamaha.
  • What I want to know is why aren’t younger organ players that appear in Caister recently and those on Organfax [web site] playing in this competition? They should all join in and compete together.

Competition 2005

23 Apr 2005


Haven Holiday Centre, Caister Holiday Park, Norfolk
NR30 5NQ
United Kingdom

Adjudicators: Chris Stanbury, Chiho Sunamoto and Prof Windmill

Hall of fame 2005 - finalists



Competition 2005 Winners and Timetable


under 16 [1] Carlos Valbuena Martón
[2] Miriam Cecilia Gutiérrez Herrera
[3] Claire Chapoule-Bard
16 and over [1] Silvia Corona González
[2] Yoshiki Kawamoto
[3] Carmen Domínguez González



Recommendations to Finalists from adjudicators Competition 2005

This is an extract of Professor Windmill's address to the contestant during prize-giving time. On this page, I have highlighted some of the important things he said because they are very good suggestions for an effective performance, and especially valuable for future contestants. I put my own comment in brackets.

  • Try to overcome your "nerves"
  • Enjoy your performance, involve your audience
  • Yamaha disks - more important to put your own "stamps" to the performance, it's a very individual performance (what do you want to express through the music?)

Competition 2005 Cavalcade Magazine Announcement


Cavalcade March 2005 Announcement



For the first time Caister will play host to the Electone clubs National Organ competition, a chance to see new young talent showing off their concert skills.